Yoga and Massage

Yoga classes are available at a neighbouring beach hotel, and are 500 Kenya shillings per class. Class schedule: 8.30 am on Tues and Thursday, 5 pm on Wed. 

Massages are booked at the reception desk OR arranged directly. See contacts below.

Other treatments

The following options are available in our massage room: 

Njeri is an independent beautician trained in Nairobi: Call her on 0721 778 034. See Price List of treatments available here.

Monique, independent beautician trained in United Kingdom. Call her on 0716 894 071. See Price list of treatments available here and here.

Deep Sea Fishing

Best season for open ocean trips are March, October, November and December. 

Flora and Fauna

You can learn about the local area at the Colobus Conservation museum, a small but informative and interesting tour of all the local trees, shrubs and wildlife. Diani is unique for its coastal rag forest and for the Wa digo tribe who traditionally used these forests to live, and to survive ie for food, protection and medicine. Not much of the forest remains today. You can do a tour of the Kaya Kinondo which is one of the last remaining (it is rated #3 attraction on tripadvisor)

Colobus Conservation was established in 1997 as a not-for-profit organisation to promote conservation of the colobus monkeys and address the threats to its survival. The organization works in partnership with local communities to promote the conservation of the colobus, along with other endemic primate species, and the unique coastal forest habitat on which they depend. Today Colobus Conservation programmes focus on habitat conservation and community linkages as well as human/primate conflict management, welfare, education and research. The objectives and work of Colobus Conservation is recognised internationally by AZA Colobus Species Survival Plan (SSP), Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) accreditation and are supported by well known conservationists Johnathon and Angela Scott through their role as Patrons.  (ranked #2 attraction on  Trip Advisor) 

Coral caves of Fikirini.

These caves located in Shimoni village (Shimoni means place of the caves), also part of the historic slave trail, are hidden in the Shimoni hinterland. Today, the large underground grottos are home for thousands of flapping bats - a perfect Indiana-Jones-scenery and still an absolute insider tip (but one that takes a fair bit of nerve). Very good tour guides can be found in Shimoni village.

Kayaking, boogie boards or skim boarding

The resident watersports centre, H2o extreme provides kayaks and skimboards and bodyboards. For prices and more info click HERE.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing

SUP is The latest trend in watersports and the best no wind alternative. Boards available to rent at the on site watersports centre H2o extreme for 10 euro per hour.


This is a great place to learn the basics and is available all year round. For more info check out the link for h2o Extreme HERE.

Snorkel and Diving Trips

The best place for diving and snorkelling in the area is Kisite Marine Park, only a 40min drive down the road through picturesque coconut groves and local villages of thatched huts and makeshift furniture. We recommend going with a reputable company which we can help you to arrange here at the reception desk. (ranked #2 activity on trip advisor).

You can also take an ngalawa boat (wooden trimaran sailing boat) to the sand bar and reef right in front of Kenyaways and snorkel some decent coral heads and spot the 3 types of turtles found in these parts. 


You could not ask for a more stunning location for a skydive. The skydive Diani crew are obsessed and regularly have boogie weekends and lots of opportunities for jumping. Get in touch DIRECT.

Bicycle Rental and tours

Rent a bike or do a day tour. A great energetic way to see the area and explore. Get in touch DIRECT.


A short drive away is the local golf club where you can play 18 holes amongst monkeys, baboons and other travellers! Get in touch DIRECT.

Mangrove forests along the coast.

The mangrove ecosystem of the Ramisi river delta can be explored on a boat tour, starting in the old smugglers harbor of Bodo, south of Msambweni. You'll discover the biodiversity of this silent coastal world, with birds and crocodiles. A few kilometers to the north, in Gazi village, you can stroll along a "Mangrove Boardwalk", initiated by a local women's group (→ Gazi Women Mangrove Boardwalk). Gazi was once home to the most notorious slave traders far and wide, stopped only in 1895 by British punitive campaigns. The former dungeon can still be seen.


The bustling port city with its legendary "Old Town" is a piece of the exotic Orient in Africa, with the early Portuguese castle (→ National Museums of Kenya - Fort Jesus), Swahili architecture and the famous elephant tusks. Not far away are the spectacularly renatured limestone quarries of a cement factory (→ Haller Park Mombasa).