Record wind season!


Finally after 3 years of not great kusi seasons, the wind as we know it returned in the mysterious style of global warming. Since June to day the average wind stats were 20 knots above  85% of days. With the remaining 10% being above 12 knots and only 5% with just not enough wind to kite. This has been an outstanding season and the kiters all scored big time. H2o extreme took lessons out every day and those that were not teaching kiting were teaching surfing! YES! Thanks mother nature lets hope this continues year after year! 

The dolphins have missed you!!

 Pilli Pipa Dhow Trip Reopens for the season! 

We are delighted to inform you that Pilli Pipa Dhow will re-open on Monday 15th June 2015. After a brief period of rest and maintenance of the dhows we are ready to give their best service again, depending on the weather.  They will operate their usual excursion with an amazing seafood and Swahili cuisine lunch on Wasini Island. For more info 

Great value prices all inclusive of transports to and from Kenyaways, refreshments, dhow and snorkelling trip, Lunch, drinks, wine and beer, dessert, tea and coffee.  – that is US$135 per non resident including KWS park fees of US$25 and K.Shs 7,300/- per resident including residents or citizens park fees.

Pilli Pipa has been operational since the early 80s and was the original Wasini Island snorkeling trip before anyone had even heard of it. It provides an amazingly consistent service, on beautifully decked out Swahili trade dhows, delicious food, and incredible snorkelling. You can also try out diving, by taking a fun dive to 12m with Yatin the friendly diver, or for the pros you can do a double dive for super low cost dive rates.

You are almost guaranteed to see the local dolphin pods who have great fun surfing along with the dhow and circling you when you are snorkelling.

If you have a few days in Diani this is well worth spending a day here. Bus departs at 7am and returns at 5pm. You need to book at least the day before. Sometimes the trip will be called off due to the weather but you would get a full refund.

Any questions get in touch with Selina and Harm Lutjeboer Their office is located at the Pilli Pipa Dhow office, Colliers Centre, Diani Beach Road, Diani and you can call on the Office mobile 0724 442555. Alternatively you can book with us in the reception at Kenyaways, and we will arrange it all for you at ZERO extra cost. 

Directions from Kenyaways

THREE Great Places to Eat in Diani that you might not already know about...

THREE Great Places to Eat in Diani that you might not already know about...

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