Best Beach in the world?

According to tripadvisor Diani Beach is 22nd Best Beach in the world...This is quite an achievement considering there are 10s of thousands of beaches out there. Still we think we deserved a higher ranking and here is why: 

  • Diani beach on the south coast of Kenya is always crowd-less, even on weekends there are a handful of people on the beach.
  • the beach front in diani is mostly preserved without marinas, or jetties, or restaurants and houses right on the beach
  • there are public accesses intermittently all along the beach where anyone can walk down and enjoy it. 
  • The powder white soft sand is incredible, there is no photoshop necessary for photos of our Diani Beach! 
  • The turquoise waters are always warm and safe to swim all year round! 
  • The reef that runs along the entire south coast means that there is no risk of sharks or tsunamis.
  • There is a beautiful rag forest and plenty of trees along the beach providing natural shade and scenery. 
  • there is wonderful snorkelling, swimming, kitesurfing, surfing and SUP conditions all along the entire Diani beach. 
  • There are all sorts of levels and types of accommodation in Diani on and off the beach so no matter your budget or preference there is always something to suit you. 
  • There are flights from nearly everywhere into Mombasa only 35km away. 
  • There are direct flights from Masai Mara, Kenya's top tourist destination to Diani Beach.
  • Diani beach has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to all faces.
  • Diani beach is clean and pristine.
  • Diani beach is safe for walking even at night

I could go on forever!!!