To foil or not to foil that is the question...

What is foiling?

Foil kiting is the latest thing in the kitesurfing world. A foil board is a board with a hydrofoil that extends below the surface of the water. A foil board usually consists of 2 parts, the board (the bit you stand on) and the mast (the bit below the water)

What are the advantages of foiling?

Because the foil pushes you up above the surface of the water, the resistance is very low, making it possible to kite in very low wind. This is becoming the ideal low wind sport and is putting light-wind places like the Caribbean on the kite map. You can go upwind so easily it’s actually harder to go downwind! It’s also very easy on the knees and other joints making it better for old age. My favorite thing about foiling is the peace and silence as it glides over the water.

What are the disadvantages?

The main disadvantage is that the mast is quite long so you need at least 1m depth of water. You can quite easily hit an underwater hazard if you don’t know the spot so make sure you get informed! Gusty wind is also a bit of an issue, as it can pull you forward, making you collapse suddenly. The boards are heavy and bulky to carry into the water and to travel with. The sharp mast part also can cause quite an injury to the head when learning so its back to helmets I’m afraid.

Diani Beach as a kite foiling spot?

Oh yes. But at certain times of year and certain tides and times of the day. It makes a perfect alternative for low wind days and out of season months such as October, November, March. Because of the wind direction you could kite the entire length of Diani beach and back in a matter of a few hours.

Foilboarding Championships?

Yes its true! The first foil boarding championships are to be held in the Caribbean next year in Feb 2020. Its a fun event to all levels and disciplines.

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