THREE Great Places to Eat in Diani that you might not already know about...

A common question that we often get asked when one enquires about Kenyaways is whether there are restaurants nearby. 

We have an online guide to all the major restaurants in Diani Beach on our Local restaurants Advice page too where you can see where and what are all the restaurants, their price range, how they are rated, and the directions. 

However we thought we would have a reminder on just a select few that might not be on the guide. 

Our first new choice is "Colobus Shade" which actually featured in last months The Link (Safarilink inflight magazine) The view here is quite unique, as you sit on a rustic wooden chair or a plastic one or a bench and get served by the local fishermen and their family under an ancient Baobab, and feast on the latest catch. There is no menu, no fine dining, or wine lists. Slap happy and local. But with charcoal grilled seafood from the Indian Ocean you won't really mind. 

Our next choice is the Indian Restaurant Shan E Punjab, which keeps changing its name but its the same family of owners. It is located on the side of the Diani beach north road, in a small shopping complex next to Diani Beach Hospital. It is not very appealing to look at or to pass by, but it is the best Indian food! The Service is really quick even in the low season when you are the only table in the place. A must have is the vegetable balls in cashew nut gravy! Especially if you are vegetarian! The hindu music in the background is also very catchy so you will be singing your way home to Bollywood with a very full belly! 

The Third and last little secret we will reveal about Diani Local restaurants, is the Sushi at Nomads! If you are there for dinner, don't bother ordering anything else except the sushi! And maybe also the ice cream (Italian home made) The sushi is fresh fresh fresh using the best of the catches. Presentation is excellent and the soy sauce is an delicious quality. It just so happens that Nomads is a prime location right on the beach with stunning decor, always a cool breeze and loads of space. 

So there you have it...Try them out and let us know if we are wrong! 

Also don't forget we have an excellent restaurant right here at Kenyaways...It's called Lymington's and is managed by David. The sizzling prawns are a winner! As are the sandwiches and rolls, the best on the South Coast by far!