Record wind season!


Finally after 3 years of not great kusi seasons, the wind as we know it returned in the mysterious style of global warming. Since June to day the average wind stats were 20 knots above  85% of days. With the remaining 10% being above 12 knots and only 5% with just not enough wind to kite. This has been an outstanding season and the kiters all scored big time. H2o extreme took lessons out every day and those that were not teaching kiting were teaching surfing! YES! Thanks mother nature lets hope this continues year after year! 

25 YEARS OF Diani Rules

What is Diani Rules? 

Celebrating 25 years of Diani Rules this year on the 29 MAY 2015, 4PM at Forty Thieves Beach Bar. It ends on 31st May. 
Diani Rules is an annual 3 days sports event started 25 years ago by a few people who thought it would be a good idea to bring people to the coast during the low season for some fun and to raise money for a good cause. It is always held on the Madaraka Day Weekend.

All proceeds from this fun charity sports event come to Kwale District Eye Centre
We invite people from all over the world to partake in sports that have had their rules changed to make it more interesting. Teams are made up of eight players of which a minimum partaking in each sport must be three women
Diani Rules got its name because whatever sports are played the rules are changed to try and make it a more level playing field for people of all ages to compete in the fun. Most of the sports are played on the beach or in the sea.
A grand raffle is the highlight of the event. By buying tickets, people who may not be able to come themselves, can still support our mission to eliminate blindness in Kenya. The draw takes place on Sunday lunch time.
Come with your friends and family and HAVE FUN FOR A CAUSE! 

You can see the 2015 Diani Rules poster here 

Kenyaways is very convenient place to stay while you are participating at this great event and has special deals offered for minimum 3 nights. 

New Restaurant for Kenyaways

Kenyaways is a small guest house B&B on Diani Beach. It has 11 rooms and 2 optional self catering units. Since 2012 Kenyaways allowed Madafoos beach bar, a small restaurant beach bar to operate here to the public and all the kite school and hotel guests. The contract ended in April and Madafoos has moved on, however we are excited to say that a new restaurant will be taking their place. For those of you that know Diani well, the popular Lymington's Bistro at the Diani Beach Shopping Centre is a consistent and excellent restaurant. We are happy to announce the opening of the 2nd Lymington's Bistro by the sea at Kenyaways. We will be opening on 27 May so we look forward to seeing you all there! 

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