We excited to reopen in a couple of weeks after a much needed rest half way through this busy 2018 so far. While our team has been on leave, a team of 'fundi' meaning workmen have been hard a work extending the kite school, modifying the bar and restaurant area, and tailoring curtains, nets, and covers for the rooms. We hope you like the changes!

Record wind season!


Finally after 3 years of not great kusi seasons, the wind as we know it returned in the mysterious style of global warming. Since June to day the average wind stats were 20 knots above  85% of days. With the remaining 10% being above 12 knots and only 5% with just not enough wind to kite. This has been an outstanding season and the kiters all scored big time. H2o extreme took lessons out every day and those that were not teaching kiting were teaching surfing! YES! Thanks mother nature lets hope this continues year after year!