the annual kenya kite cup 

A kiteboarding competition for anyone willing to enter. Great fun for spectators and kiters. For more info HERE>>>

the annual Diani Beach ngalawa regatta

A Community Festival of activities including sailing race with local dug out outriggers "Ngalawa', traditional singing and dancing, traditional banquet of food stalls, stands selling local crafts. Super fun day. Really interesting. More info here. Free entry. 

annual goat derby

YES. You read correct, a Derby for goats! To raise money for the East African Womens League. A very worthy organisation. And no, there is no cruelty to animals so come along and place a bet on your favorite goat!

the diani rules

(May/ June Bank holiday weekend) DIANI RULES in aid of the Kwale Eye Centre. Read about it here on our blog

Diani beach touch rugby