Frequently Asked Questions?

Take a look at the information below. Please do not hesitate to email if there is any other information you need or if you have any special requests.

How can I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation online OR by filling out a contact form, OR by emailing us with your request. Eventually, you will need to pay 50% advance to confirm and secure your rooms and dates. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. The balance of the payment is paid on arrival by cash or card unless you arrive very late at night or early in the morning. You will need your ID/ passport to check in.

Payment Options

When making a reservation we do require a deposit or card details to confirm your room and dates. We can hold the room for some flexible amount of days if you still need to get your flights and make final travel arrangements. We have a strict cancellation policy since we only have 11 rooms and are therefore heavily affected by any changes. 

Bank transfer (KES, USD, GBP, EUR) to Kenyan account which do not provide IBAN

Card details (can be invoiced KES only) processed over the phone or by email. Call +254 726126204 We can also send you a Pesapal payment link where you enter your own card details for payment.

MPESA (Please enquire, KES only) Paybill 880100 Account number 6811200018 Please contact us once you have received payment confirmation.

Is there a cancellation policy?

We have a strict policy since we are heavily affected by cancelations. Sorry, that means NO EXCEPTIONS.

95% refund (less fees and any costs) if cancelation is before 3 months.

50% refund if cancelation within 3 months of arrival.

0% refund if within one month.

When is check in / check out time? 

Checkin is at 2pm and Check out is at 11am. We will do our best to make sure you are comfortable and taken care of outside these hours however please try to adjust your travel arrangements accordingly.

Do you arrange transportation to/from Kenyaways?

Yes we do advise that we arrange your taxi transfer from the airport, train station or town or any other location you might need collecting from at any time of day. It is an extra cost, but our taxi partner offers us a much better rate than other taxi services and it much more convenient than Public transport.  Current Rates (Oct 2018):

Mombasa Airport/ SGR/ Nyali - 5,000 Ksh / $50 1 - 4 PAX and 7,000 Ksh / $70 5 - 7 PAX

Mombasa Bus / City - 4,000 Ksh / $40 1 - 4 PAX and 6,500 Ksh / $ 5- 7 PAX

Ukunda Diani Airport - 1,000 Ksh / $10 1 - 4 PAX and 1,500 Ksh / $15 5 - 7 PAX

Mombasa Day Tour - 6,500 Ksh / $65 1 - 4 PAX and 8,000 Ksh / $80 5 - 7 PAX

Do you have a swimming pool? 

We have a plunge pool in a very peaceful part of the property away from the beach and tucked amongst the trees where you can view the colobus and other monkeys. It is for hotel residents only.

Do you have a fitness centre and spa? 

No. We do have a massage room where you can arrange a massage at the reception. We also arrange trips to yoga. There is a kite school which offers Kayak, SUP, windsurf, kitesurf and body boarding or skim boarding.

Breakfast is included in the rate, but what about lunch and dinner?

Rates are breakfast board only however lunch and dinner are available a la carte in the adjoining restaurant. Breakfast is served from 7.45am to 9.45 am. Tea, Coffee, Juice, fruit, eggs and toast are served for breakfast with some variation. Please note that if you are on a complimentary stay or your child below 2 years old is complimentary, then Breakfast is NOT included. You can visit one of the neighbouring restaurants recommended here.

What is the Diani infrastructure like?

Diani Beach consists of a 20km stretch of road that runs parallel to Diani Beach. It is accessed via Ukunda which is the North side of the stretch. From Ukunda you meet the beach road at Nakumat junction and turn right to find most of the shops and banks. Kenyaways is located 7.2km South from the main hub of shops and banks etc. There is a post office, ATMs, bureau du change, mpesa outlets, Chandarana supermarket, Nakumat supermarket, Muthaiga Mini Market, vegetable and meat markets, juice shop, hairdresser, hardwares, and plenty of safari booking agents. 

Is there Camping at Kenyaways? 

No we do not have camping facility at Kenyaways. Even if we wanted to there would be no space to pitch a tent due to all the trees and the forest. 

Do I need a visa for Kenya?

Visas are easily obtained online online. You must register as a e citizen and then apply and print the visa a week before arrival. More info here on our BLOG They cost $50 for all visitors, and last for 3 months. These are renewable for another 3 months which can be done in Diani with Ipoint 0720 583 858 

Should I be worried about Malaria and terrorists?

The honest answer is no. 

Malaria is well controlled in these parts, to date no guests have gotten Malaria from here that we know of. Preventatives are available but not necessary. They are not 100% effective and can have serious side effects. 

The media makes such an issue about terrorism in Kenya, but really...would I be living here happily with my whole family and 9 month old son if it was a threat? 

Why should I choose Kenya rather than Tanzania/zanzibar?

Mt Kenya vs. Mt. Kilimanjaro - hands down Mt Kenya! It has 3 different peaks, 3 mountain lakes, tons of different routes through different flora, and with an array of views. Kilimanjaro, on the other hand has one route up and one route down, and is congested and littered with rubbish from all the climbers. 

Zanzibar vs. Diani Beach - These two beach destinations could be the same place by appearance and culture. Both have the beautiful white sands and pristine turquoise waters, the same weather, time zone, etc. They were both trade route strong holds and have evidence of slave caves, museums, forts, all the same. However Diani Beach is MUCH easier to get to, and it is much lesser known and has a unique off the beaten track atmosphere, although there is a good level tourist influx here too. The beaches and resorts in Zanzibar are overcrowded and expensive due to demand. 

Masai Mara vs. Serengeti - Masai mara has stylish and award winning camps and safari guides. Tanzanian camps are quite naff and uncreative. Kenya unlike Tanzania banned hunting in the 70s and therefore has much more wildlife and big game to offer even when there is no migration.