kenyaways kitespot

it is an uncrowded and convenient kitesurf set up in pure paradise

The advantages of kiting and kiteboarding at Kenyaways are endless; Kenyaways is designed for kiters and we truly recommend a kiteboarding holiday here with us:

  • We have our very own Kite school located at Kenyaways.
  • Consistent side shore winds most of the year.
  • Very warm water all year round.
  • Tons of beach space all year round.
  • Choice of flat water or waves all year round.
  • Waist deep sandy lagoon tide depending.
  • Powder soft white sandy beach. 
  • Turquoise clear water.
  • No congestion and you have almost the whole beach to yourselves.
  • Very few obstructions.
  • No sharks or lethal ocean creatures.
  • No pollution.
  • Setting up, Landing and launching facilities
  • Storage facilities.
  • Very convenient accommodation on kitespot.
  • Great no wind alternative activities.

kenyaways is a well kept secret in the kiting world



WIND SEASONS are in sync with holidays

 To check the kite spot forecast click here. Please note this is never extremely accurate and you can add three knots to the reading. Best results are 1 or 2 days ahead. There are 2 wind seasons in Kenya which are perfect for kitesurfing lessons and kite surfing progression. The wind blows the same all along the entire coast of East Africa so there is no risk of not having wind in any one location. The wind in Kenya are trade winds meaning they are constant and reliable year to year and the wind depends on the raining seasons and dry seasons and vary year to year, but this approximate pattern applies: KUSI - June 20th to Sept 20th and KASKAZI - Dec 20th to April 20th

kite size are average as there is no extreme conditions

 more than 70kg 10-14 metre kites AND less than 70kg 7-12 metre kites


Diani Beach is a very convenient  kite surf spot and safe and easy for 10-15km downwinders, with the 3 kite centre bases and kite schools spread out at 5km apart you can have lunch at one base and then kite home.

KITE SURFARI african adventure

cruise up the coast of Kenya and discover all the secret kitesurf spots where the individual traveller would never see or think of kiteboarding on the Kenya coast. Great way to see the country and kite some interesting spots and make friends with the locals.