no wind? go stand up paddle

H2o Extreme also offer SUP at Kenyaways, which is a perfect alternative to kiting when there is no wind. It is great excercise, easy to learn and great fun surfing on small waves.

Stand Up Paddle in Diani 

This is the latest trend in water sports and is a fantastic alternative when the wind is too light. It involves a really big surf board and a paddle. On flat water one can paddle around exploring, finding dolphins and getting great exercise and balance. On waves one can surf even the smallest ripple in true old school style!

Stand up Paddle Season in Kenya

Sup is the best alternative to kite surfing; it does not need any wind, in fact the less wind the better. It is safe, fun, and great fitness. The best time of year for SUP is from end of Feb - April and June - Mid December. The best time of day is early in the morning until about 10am depending on the time of year. 

check out this amazing video!

Stand Up Paddle Rates