Windsurfing Lessons and Rentals

are available on request at Kenyaways, this must be arranged in advance with H2O Extreme. 


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WIND SEASONS for windsurf

To check the spot forecast click here. Please note this is never extremely accurate and you can add three knots to the reading. Best results are 1 or 2 days ahead. There are 2 wind seasons in Kenya which are perfect for windsurf lessons and wind surfing progression. The wind blows the same all along the entire coast of East Africa so there is no risk of not having wind in any one location. The wind in Kenya are trade winds meaning they are constant and reliable year to year and the wind depends on the raining seasons and dry seasons and vary year to year, but this approximate pattern applies: KUSI - June 20th to Sept 20th and KASKAZI - Dec 20th to April 20th

WINDSURF sail and board SIZES:

 more than 70kg  AND less than 70kg