drone image of galu beach kenyaways

the endless summer.


Live Life the Kenya way...here at Kenyaways the way of life is beyond relaxing! Its super friendly and has a great vibe. Located on the pristine, tropical lagoon of Diani beach, Kenya's most beautiful beach,  is Kenyaways. A quaint guesthouse right on the beach which feels more like a family home than a hotel. Enjoy the casual, laid-back, barefoot lifestyle of the Kenyan coast and escape into a totally relaxed beach holiday. Here you will discover the true meaning of "Hakuna Matata" ...No worries.

Kenyaways is the ideal spot to soak up the sun, do plenty of swimming and water sports, and is notorious for its kitesurfing spot. Galu Beach is the gem of the Kenyan coast,  with wide unspoilt, uncrowded beaches. It is not far from Tsavo East National Park and has a direct flight to Masai Mara where you are bound to have the safari of a lifetime. 

The accommodation was The Kennaway family beach home converted into a 10 bedroom beach guesthouse so it the same size as a boutique hotel but with budget friendly rates. The name Kenyaways is a play on the names Kenya and Kennaway.